The HAZZA Network ICO Token Offering

"One of the most exciting ICO token offerings so far this year!"

- John Winters, Sierra Kilo Tech PR


  • HAZZA is an established payment platform, servicing both major credit cards and alternative payment methods for clients in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Russia and the US, seamlessly on a single network
  • Current transactions use traditional money (fiat/legal tender) and the new platform also transacts crypto currencies
  • HAZZA is migrating their existing proven payment platform to blockchain, creating a global unified payment network
  • HAZZA tokens are being created through a token sale - these tokens will allow retailers and payment providers to access the global unified payment network and pay for services
  • Currently retailers and consumers are restricted to using closed networks and the HAZZA network aims to open up more business for retailers and create greater convenience for consumers
  • Platform and tokens will be managed by a registered foundation 
  • Low minimum investment entry point for investors wishing to benefit from this historic opportunity


HAZZA has a world class technology team behind it with a proven track record in payment systems.

Investors are welcome to meet the HAZZA team at any time. Customers and technology migrating from an established company.

Hazza is a privately held foundation, registered in 

Hong Kong.

ABOUT the HAZZA Network

The current payments market is highly fragmented and complex. Many intermediaries exist, taking high fees and creating unnecessary friction at the expense of the consumers, merchants and market participants. With the total non-cash payments transaction value projected to be at $70TN* by 2025, the payments market is awaiting disruption.


We are moving to a digital world. Digital adoption, together with Alternative Payment Methods have seen explosive growth. With the development of Blockchain and Smart Contract technology, the stage is set to bring together a frictionless ecosystem for the payments market, and drive financial inclusion.


With the HAZZA project, we aim to take an existing, proven enterprise payment platform to the blockchain. This migration would be done in stages - starting with the token issuance. HAZZA aims to revolutionize the payments ecosystem by creating an open access, global, unified payments network governed by the community for the community through a not-for-profit foundation with a decentralized structure. (Although the HAZZA Foundation is not-for-profit, investors in this current token sale may well benefit from the increase in token value when the platform is launched on 8th April.)


HAZZA tokens will be created to access and pay for services on this global payments network through a token sale. There will be a fixed amount of tokens in circulation upon completion of the token sale.


* Electronic transactions consist of online and offline payments by credit card, debit card, pre-paid card, eWallets and mobile payments, etc.


Consumers will be able to use a large range of payment methods globally, because merchants who participate in the HAZZA network will be able to accept more payment methods online and offline.


Merchants who want to accept non-cash payments will no longer have to engage in a slow and expensive process of seeking and contracting with various intermediaries who charge fees on every transaction and only provide access to a limited range of payment methods.

Merchants will gain fast and simple access to all payment methods on the HAZZA network, while saving cost and realizing increased revenues from broader payment method access.

HAZZA’s omni-channel technology will also make it easy for any merchant to accept both online and offline payments, supporting ‘O2O’ strategies.

Payment Method Providers

Payment method providers will no longer be forced to compete in closed and fragmented market where a few payment methods dominate, struggling to gain wider acceptance which is costly and time consuming.

In the HAZZA network, payment method providers are free to compete on the merits of their product and have direct access to merchants and other users.

Payment Networks, Issuers and Acquirers

Existing payment networks, issuers, acquirers, and card schemes can leverage HAZZA's decentralized network and global reach in order to lower their CAPEX/ OPEX and as a result expand their footprint in developing countries or build additional functionalities in existing markets.

Value Added Service Providers

HAZZA network allows various parties such as Point of Sale, EFT terminal, FX, KYC, and new emerging service providers to benefit from direct access to participants in the payment ecosystem, driving innovation and new economies.

Participant Benefits


All types of investors are welcome within the HNW/Certified Sophisticated/Accredited and Corporate categories as defined within your domicile jurisdiction.

  • Your investment will be in tokens backed by an existing product and used by customers immediately after the ICO.
  • Subject matter is cutting edge, and already proven.
  • Platform and tokens are managed by a registered foundation.

  • Investment entry level is low, but scalable.
  • Perfect for portfolio anchoring, and hedging.
  • Bespoke arrangements available for corporates and institutions.

HAZZA Documents

See what we are all about!

HAZZA Project Overview

An executive summary presentation of the HAZZA project, the opportunity, and the team behind the foundation.

HAZZA Whitepaper

The HAZZA whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the payment industry, the HAZZA project and the underlying technology.

HAZZA Videos


Built upon traditional existing business.

The HAZZA network aims to open up more business for retailers and provide greater convenience for consumers by solving the problem of restricted closed networks.

Goes live in the same month as closing funding, unlike many ICO's.

World class management team with successful track record in payment systems.

Following its migration to the blockchain, HAZZA will also offer a solution to using other crypto currencies.

The timing is perfect.

Several small ICO's in similar sector have seen significant increases in price after launch.


As a token sale, you are investing into tokens that will be backed by an existing product and used by customers immediately after the ICO, at a time when safer ICOs have provided timely returns, and been extremely profitable.



With interest rates so low globally, many investors are looking to ICO's as a viable alternative.

All investors are welcome to confer with HAZZA directors at all times for peace of mind and security.


Take a look at all the benefits for you


Find out more about the incredible potential from this unique opportunity to help shape the future of payment processing!


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